Your Guide on How To Convert Glass Into Mirror

Reflecting mirroring effect can be created through a unique coating on glass/acrylic glass. It is a great DIY project ideal for vases, table tops etc in house. There are many products available in the market such as Mirror Effect from Rustoleum.


Ensure glass is clear of any surface contamination, marks etc as they will be predominantly visible once glass will have a mirror effect.

Mask all the surfaces surrounding the glass as spray cans can cause a lot of trouble due to floating particles of paint in the air around the surface.


Tools & Products You Will Need

  • Mirror Effect Coating in a spray can
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Masking Tape


Preparing Glass For Mirror Effect Paint

Step 1: Cleaning the Surface

Clean the glass to remove any loose dust particles or surface contamination using a good quality non-toxic, ready to use glass cleaner such as Simple Green Glass Cleaner.

Step 2: Applying Mirror Effect Coating

Stir the spray can of Mirror Effect for 1-2 minutes and apply evenly to the clear glass surface in thin coats. Most mirror effect coatings will require from 3-5 coats application depending upon the manufacturer with 1-5 minutes drying interval between coats. Since Rust-oleum Mirror Effect coating recommends 5 coats at an interval of 1 minutes.

Step3: Improving the effect

Application of a thin coat Ultra Cover Flat black on the painted side of Mirror Effect coating for a darker appearance.

For additional protection, a thin coat of Ultra Cover2x Matte Clear can be applied.

mirror effect