About Us

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We, the owners and operators of this website are very common people just like you. We all gather experience and skills working in one or another professional field in life. The difference may just be that we decided to share our skills over the net to help our audience to help them understand the products they use in their everyday life while finishing their home projects.

We all love to do different projects at home and we all want to finish our DIY projects perfectly with ease. We aspire to be proud of our home projects.  Sometimes we have little knowledge of how to do things and sometimes we don’t have an idea at all. A step by step guide Is needed for our project to become reality. If you love your home and love to do things by your hand and need help on your home renovation projects “DECOR BASICS” will help you finish your projects with style. There are hundreds of DIY websites available online but we want to be uniquely valuable to our audience by providing enriching information on projects as well as step by step DIY guides

We have tried to use our authentic voice to describe information shared on DIY projects and we try our best to keep it free of errors. However, we would love to hear from our audience on how we can improve, gain valuable feedback and advice. Please visit our contact us page and feel free to share anything on your mind.

Our Purpose

Helping DIY audience gain knowledge on products they use in home decorating

Providing DIY community online step by step guide to finish their DIY project with ease.

Build a rich content DIY advice and information platform for the public at large.

We want to help people with decorative skills ranging from novices to experts irrespective of the fact whether they are homeowners or industry tradesmen. We wish to help them finish their projects at all expertise levels hence this website goes beyond DIY guides and extends itself in proving tips on safety guides, extensive product knowledge, clarifying industry jargons and provides information on products and their properties.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the general public get extensive help, ideas, reviews on decorative products and to help them finish their DIY projects with ease. This website has been started with an intent to provide DIY support and in-depth rich information about products what makes us unique on the web. We understand a lot of work still needs to be done and we will in future extend this website beyond decorating projects help to help online community worldwide.

Meet the Team

The following are key contributors to this website:

Sanjeev Ranadey has contributed the majority content shared in this website which is based on his extensive research on these subjects and more than 20 years of enriching experience with decorating coatings, industrial coatings, waterproofing systems and door hardware industry. He was blessed with this knowledge having worked with the world’s leading brands in these product categories. He has tried to express his work in an easy to understand format for website visitors.

Bhavna Ranadey is a website and graphic designer who co-owns this website and is a mind behind design and creativity. From brand logo design to web page layout everything she has created. She has more than 15 years of experience in print design, graphic design, social media marketing, website design and SEO strategies.  For more info on her, work visit www.beedesigns.co.nz