A guide to most popular paint gloss levels!

A guide to most popular paint gloss levels!

Have you ever visited a paint store and discussed paint gloss level with the paint sales representative? Most paint sales professional would ask your preference of the level of sheen/gloss for your house paint as it is such an important consideration while decorating your house. This guide will help you understand the advantages, disadvantages and properties of different gloss levels so that you can make the right choice while buying paint for you.  Gloss level in a paint is usually defined by the type of binder(resin) and pigment which were used during manufacturing process. For the sake of convenience, we shall discuss gloss levels on a scale from 0 to 100 where 0 represents no gloss and 100 represents full gloss. We shall see on our “Gloss Scale” where different gloss levels fit it.  It is also important to note that this article is purely based on the experience of the writer as there are no international standards which define the gloss levels in paint and every paint manufacturer has their own way of defining gloss levels their paints.  

Now let us see the most popular sheen levels available in paints in the market:

Flat Finish:

Flat finish will typically have a gloss level between 0-4%. If you look microscopically at paint film surface it would appear rough texture because of which flat paints have tendency to trap dust and are not considered easily washable. Because of their very ultra-fine textured physical state they can diffuse light which helps to hide any imperfections or undulations on a surface which is their biggest advantage. Ceiling paints are widely manufactured in flat or matt finish however many customers choose them for interior walls as well. It is also important to note here that flat paints make the colour duller and muddier when compared to glossy paints. So, if you want to choose a bright colour for your room selecting a little glossy paint could be very good idea.

Low Sheen Finish:  

Low sheen finishcan have gloss levels anywhere from 4%-20% and it varies between manufacturer to manufacturer. Low sheen gloss level is by far and most popular sheen level among consumers for painting cementitious surfaces, paper faced plasterboard and timber. Most low sheen paints will not only hide imperfections well but also facilitate to be cleaned easily.

Semi-Gloss Finish: 

Semi-Gloss generally stays from 30%-45% on gloss level scale. Little gloss in a paint is extremely handy when it comes to leaning and stain resistance. Such finishes are very popular and acceptable for trims, exterior weatherboards and concrete surfaces. Also keep in mind a gloss level between 30%-45% also ensures you get a fairly clean and intense colour aesthetic appearance. We highly recommend you to choose a semi-gloss paint finish for exterior façade of your house as it will help the surface clean during rainy season. Also be mindful of the fact that two buckets of semi-gloss exterior paint from two different manufacturers can have different gloss levels to your surprise.

Gloss Finish:

Gloss finishes can further be categorized into gloss (60-80%) and full gloss (80%-100%). They are highly reflective finishes and are only suitable for surfaces which are very smooth as any imperfections in the surface will be highlighted. The biggest advantage will gloss and full gloss finishes is that paint pigments will exhibit very neat, clean and intense colours. Some consumers enjoy full gloss finishes on furniture and trims. Moreover such finishes are very washable and recommended in area’s which require regular cleaning or area’s which are exposed to heavy traffic.




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